Looking for a way to give back to our community? We have a number of volunteering opportunities for people of all skill sets. Volunteering with us is a great way to get involved, and could lead to future employment if that is something you are interested in.
Some of the volunteering opportunities at Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative include:

Tutoring or assisting with our kids homework club

Working on the land at Wurdi Youang

Assisting with youth group, men’s group, or women’s group activities and events

Helping out with community events

Other opportunities as available

Volunteering with Wathaurong can offer many benefits, including:

gaining experience

building on skills

having things to add to your CV

feeling good about contributing to something important

Connecting with the community

We are also open to hearing from anyone with specialised skills who is interested in volunteering their time and expertise - send an email to hr@wathaurong.org.au

Due to the sensitive nature of the work we do at Wathaurong, volunteers are subject to an approval process. Cultural training can be provided and it is essential that volunteers working with us have an understanding of working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities. Most volunteer roles will also require Police and Working With Children Checks if working directly with our community.

For more information on getting involved as a volunteer, email hr@wathaurong.org.au.