About Us

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative was first formed by community in 1978 and established as a registered organisation in 1980 to provide culturally appropriate programs, support and services for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living an Wathaurong, Gulidjan and Gadabanud country, within the wider Geelong, Bellarine and Colac regions.

We are focused on building and maintaining Strong Community, Strong Culture, and Strong Country.

The name Wathaurong (Wadda Wurrung) is a recognised tribe (community) which consisted of some 25 clans (family groups) that form part of the Kulin of First Nations people.

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative welcomes all Aboriginal people and provides a place where community members experience social and cultural connectedness and unity, have a voice, celebrate culture and identity; promoting self determination, community healing, well-being and advancement.



Directors are appointed to the Board through a nomination and election process defined under the Co-operative's constitution at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). At each AGM either two or three Directors are compelled to resign, depending on the year as per the Constitution. However, they are able to re nominate for election.

As elected delegates representing members of Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative, directors are responsible for organisational governance, leadership and the setting the strategic directions and priorities for the organisation. They are also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the achievement of strategic goals.

The Co-operative supports its board members through the conduct of an induction program along with support participation in governance training, and conducts performance appraisal processes as required by various organisational accreditation frameworks

Directors of the Board are responsible for:

  • the overall strategic direction of the Co-operative
  • making decisions about various issues related to organisational performance
  • monitoring financial transactions made by the Co-operative
  • signing Funding and Services Agreements with state and Commonwealth agencies and other parties
  • setting policy for the Co-operative and making decisions related to all business and strategic directions of the organisation
  • overseeing the preparation of the Co-operative's Annual Report and funding acquittals
  • risk management
  • accreditation
  • other business as required.

Current Board Members, as elected at the 2021/2022 Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 26 February 2023, are:


Professor Wendy Brabham

Professor Wendy Brabham is a Traditional Owner from the Wamba Wamba, Wergaia, Nyeri Nyeri and Dhudhuroa first nations. Wendy is a respected academic who has been a representative on various boards and committees. Wendy commenced as a Director of Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative at the 2017 AGM and was most recently re-elected to the Board in February 2023.

Judy Dalton-Walsh

Judy Dalton-Walsh is a Wadda Wurrung Traditional Owner who has always been involved in community and Wathaurong life. Judy works as a Koorie Engagement Support Officer at the Department of Education and Training and is passionate about teaching traditional language. Judy commenced as a Director of Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative at the 2018 AGM and was most recently re-elected to the Board in February 2023.

Ammie Howell

Ammie is a Central Arrente woman born and raised on Wathaurong Country. She is a mum to 6 proud Arrente/Bundjalung kids and is an active member of the Wathaurong community. Ammie is also a former staff member of Wathaurong and Wathaurong Glass. Ammie was co-opted to the Board in December 2022 and was elected to the Board by Community in February 2023. 


Glenn Shea

Glenn Shea has worked for and with Wathaurong in several roles including Youth Justice and Wathaurong's 40 Year Anniversary film and events. He is an acclaimed and awarded playwright, director and actor, including Aboriginal truth-telling. Glenn has sat on the Board of Directors at Ilbijerri Theatre Company for over 7 years and was elected to the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Board in February 2023. 


David Tournier Jnr

David Tournier Jnr was born on Wemba Wemba Country where he spent most of his childhood before moving to Wathaurong Country in his teens. David has experience working in a cultural capacity for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations with local schools, universities, councils and other organisations. David is currently a Senior Heritage Cultural Officer at Boon Wurrung Land and Sea Council. David was elected to the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Board in February 2023. 


Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative has grown significantly and now employs more than 150 people. Our Executive Leadership team oversees all program areas.

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Simon Flagg - Chief Executive Officer


Rose De Jong - Acting Executive Manager of Corporate Services


Jason Kanoa - Executive Manager of Health & Community Connection


Kristie Fraser-Lange - Executive Manager of Family Services


Yohan Kumaran - Chief Financial Officer