Community Strengthening Team


Aboriginal Access Points Program

The Community Strengthening Team is responsible for creating safe spaces for the whole of community to connect through Culture, Spirit and Supports. The team’s priority is to ensure community are connected, supported in their healing journey, self-determining of their supports and needs, and feel safe to access Wathaurong’s services and programs.

If you need support in navigating and accessing services you can visit the team at 62 Morgan Street, North Geelong, call 5577 0044 or email . Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. If you need emergency support outside these hours, please contact Safe Steps 24/7 hotline on 1800 015 188, or call Victoria Police on 000 in an emergency.

The Community Strengthening Team is made up of Community Strengthening Facilitators who are available to walk alongside community member experiencing or at risk of family violence by;

Being a known and trusted entry point to the family violence service system for community members; 

Encouraging community members to navigate services by breaking down barriers and demystifying the processes;

Advocating for community members and empowering them to engage safely and meaningfully with services;

Identify the unique needs of community members, refer them to additional services and provide brokerage as needed; and

Providing culturally safe and grounding services and supporting community members to connect with culture and community.

To access the program, an individual must be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who is:

Impacted by family violence; and

Living on or from the Wathaurong community

Be navigating a number of support services and requiring advocacy and support.

Community member is disengaged with services, a risk of disengagement or reluctant to engage.

Deemed to be at lower risk

A young person impacted by family violence (with parental consent in line with Wathaurong's existing policies if aged under 16).

Non-Aboriginal family members or carers of an Aboriginal person will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

From left to right, front to back:

Rylie Evans - Community Strengthening Therapist (Healing)

James McKinnon - Community Strengthening Facilitator

Sandra Manning - Community Strengthening Facilitator (Elders)

Mikali Harrison - Community Strengthening Facilitator

Natalie Sullivan - Community Strengthening Therapist (Healing)

Jordyn Flagg - Community Strengthening Manager

Jay Hickey - Community Strengthening Facilitator

Jason Kanoa - Executive Manager, Community Strengthening

Shannon Secombe - Community Strengthening Team Leader