Members’ Community Housing

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative takes pride in our tenancy services. Access to adequate housing is a universal right. But we like to think that what we do is more than housing - it’s about our mob, our community, and providing a house that people can call “home”.

Wathaurong has 22 properties under management that may be provided to members of the Co-op. To be eligible for Community Housing, you must have been a member of the Co-operative for at least one year. As our housing is limited, there is a waiting list.

If members would like to have a yarn to someone about their personal circumstances and join the wait list for housing, please contact Housing Manager Jack Clark on 0472 609 535 or email housing@wathaurong.org.au.

Aboriginal Tenants At Risk

The Aboriginal Tenants at Risk (ATAR) program provides assistance to people who are current tenants of the Office of Housing or Aboriginal Housing Victoria and who have been identified as being at risk of losing their tenancy. The program aims to sustain existing tenancies and establish new tenancies. ATAR provides free and independent support which is delivered in a confidential, culturally-appropriate, non-judgmental manner.

Other services offered by this program included assistance with:

Provide limited financial support

Work with tenants to help them maintain their tenancies

Assist community at VCAT hearings

Private Rental Assistance Program (PRAP) can support in establishing and maintaining tenancies

Advocate between Landlords and Tenants

Liaise with Aboriginal Housing Victoria and Office of Housing

Advocate to resolve rent issues

Referral to other Wathaurong Services and Programs

The ATAR program also provides food voucher assistance through Give Where You Live and the Geelong Food Relief Centre

For more information on the Aboriginal Tenants at Risk (ATAR) program, contact Rory Charles on 0439 115 389 or email rory.charles@wathaurong.org.au

Emergency Housing
Wathaurong does not have emergency housing services, although there may be other things we can do to assist you with your situation. Contact us Monday to Friday 9am-5pm on (03) 5277 0044.

If you are in immediate need of emergency housing, if you are homeless, at risk of homelessness or escaping family violence and need accommodation, call the statewide 24-hour toll free number 1800 825 955 to speak with a housing and support worker.