Wurdi Youang

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative obtained title to the property known as Wurdi Youang, out at Little River near the foot of the You Yangs, in August 2006 after investment by the Indigenous Land Council (ILC). The property contains important natural and cultural heritage. Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative is committed to the stewardship of this heritage and are in consultation to have it listed as an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).

The Co-operative is generating on Country employment and training in grassland restoration and rehabilitation, assisting development of best practice restoration techniques and building strong relationships in the region. We are investigating the feasibility of creating a seed bank on the land to generate income as there are government plans to restore the Western Grasslands and a corridor between the coast and Brisbane Ranges to original state. There is also work underway to establish a native plant nursery to eventually generate an additional income stream.