White Wathaurong Drink Bottle


White metal drink bottle (750mL) with deisgn from Ntulye Art (Bri Apma Hayes)

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White metal drink bottle (750mL) with design from Ntulye Art (Bri Apma Hayes)


The artwork I created represents our community coming together and learning from one another, this is shown with the meeting place in the middle of the artwork. 

Our community here in Geelong is made up of Aboriginal people from all across Australia, we have our own unique journeys and experiences but also have so many things in common with one another. The cross hatching represents the journey of Wathaurong Co-Op and how it was created back in 1978 by the community, for the community. We are so lucky to have a common space to connect back to culture and our people whenever we can. 

It is also important that we acknowledge and respect the land of the Waddawurrung people, learning from them about their stories and cultural traditions as well as sharing our own. This is represented through the outline of the You Yangs and the lines within it. ” – Bri Apma-Hayes (Ntulye Art)